Wonder Woman and Sanrio Collaboration Creates Crossover

Wonder Woman is currently taking the world by storm and is a common name to be heard.  But another popular name is coming into view to collaborate with the superhero.  Though this is not the first time Sanrio has worked with other brands and franchises, they are partnering up to create a Hello Kitty Wonder Woman.

In this collaboration, Hello Kitty dons Wonder Woman’s iconic look from the golden tiara to the Lasso of Truth while also maintaining the Japanese character’s signature red bow.

According to Sanrio, this is the first time that they have collaborated with a non-Japanese movie character.  Japan still has a long wait before Wonder Woman is released in theaters, but they are still celebrating in their very own fashion with this Sanrio collaboration.  Tickets for the Japan’s movie release begin June 17 and customers who purchase the tickets for the film then will receive their choice of either a Hello Kitty Wonder Woman keychain charm or a reprint of the 1941 DC Comic where Wonder Woman was first introduced.

Wonder Woman is now in theaters in the U.S. starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, and directed by Patty Jenkins.

Would you like to see more Sanrio/DC collaborations?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Rocketnews24


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