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Fantastic Four Not Returning To MCU Anytime Soon

When it comes to reboot’s, comic book fans can be pretty optimistic. Characters like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man have been adapted on several occasions with many fans giving the films a chance and hoping for the best. The only hope is that the filmmakers responsible don’t mess it up because if you do, we will never let you forget. That can be said for the Bryan Singer directed Superman Returns, the not-so-well-received Amazing Spider-Man 2 starring Andrew Garfield, and more recently Fox’s rebooted Fantastic 4 film directed by Josh Trank.


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Out of most comic-book properties adapted for the screen, Marvel’s first family seems to never quite live up to the hype. After three separate attempts to put Fantastic Four on the big screen, fans can’t help but wonder why it never works. Josh Trank along with Twentieth Century Fox even tried to put a darker, more realistic spin on the property and even hoped to connect it to their larger X-Men cinematic universe but the 2015 film strayed too far way from the source material that it was completely unrecognizable as much as it was a complete snooze fest.  After that, fans were hoping that perhaps their was a strong possibility that the rights to the Fantastic Four would revert back to Marvel Studios or maybe Fox would make a similar deal with the MCU that they did with Sony for Spider-Man. After all, the MCU has had so much success with their superhero properties why not allow them the opportunity to adapt the iconic Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing.

While speaking with Newsarama via Allo Cine, Kevin Feige quickly put those rumors to rest. Check out his comment below:

“We have no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it”


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That’s pretty straight forward. However, the key words being “right now”. The MCU has their entire universe planned out for years to come bringing in new iconic characters and expanding into the cosmos and beyond so there is no room for a Fantastic Four film on their plate at the moment. But let’s not forget that after acquiring the rights to Spider-Man, they moved around release dates to fit him into the MCU. On top of that, Fox currently has their hands full with expanding their X-Men film-verse, so making a fourth attempt at reviving a property that they just can’t get right is definitely in the back of their mind.

But perhaps we can speak for many Geeks around the world by saying that Fantastic Four would do extremely well in the MCU. Plus, the success of the TV series Legion is evidence that both companies can at least play nice long enough to partner up on a project that actually is extremely intriguing and binge worthy. We see you Kevin Feige. Using your Jedi mind tricks on us so that you can make a surprise announcement later down the line. It sucks to know that Marvel’s first family won’t be able to be apart of iconic events on screen like Infinity War or that Reed Richards wouldn’t be present if a film centered around the Illuminati ever happens. Don’t hold your breath, but never say never.


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What do you think of Kevin Feige’s comments? Do you want the Fantastic Four to join the MCU? If not, how do you think Fox can finally get it right down the line? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Screenrant, Newsarama, Allo Cine

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