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These Black Panther Fan Posters Bring Honor To Wakanda

Ok, let’s skip the pleasantries. The King is in the building! We were recently blessed with the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther! We were also blessed, somewhat, with the first poster for said film. We here at Geeks of Color would like to share with you all some of our favorite Fan Made posters.

Let’s start off with my personal favorite by comic artist Christian Ward (Black Bolt, ODY-C, The Ultimates). My god, look at those colors! T’challa looks very regal in his shades of purple, while Erik Killmonger’s mask looms overhead in dark blues and greys.


Image via Christian Ward

Next we have a beautiful watercolor by graphic designer Eileen Steinbach. The giant panther monument towering over a Wakandan forest and its King. Hail To The King indeed!


Image via Eileen Steinbach

These next four posters made by designer Darian Robbins uses screenshots and stills from the teaser trailer, as well symbols called Adinkra created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. In the “Maintain The Crown” posters featuring the Dora Milaje and Shuri, the symbol Akofena meaning “state swords” which stands for “heroic deeds” best describing the duties of these strong women. In the “ Retain The Crown” poster featuring King T’challa himself, the symbol Ohene Adwa meaning “king’s stool” standing for “royal authority” something T’challa is trying to hold after his father’s unfortunate death in Captain America: Civil War. And finally we have the “Attain the Crown” featuring Eric Killmonger, the symbol Kuntunkatan meaning “inflated pride” perfectly describing his personality and exaggerated view of himself. The details and meanings of these symbols were provided to me by Robbins himself.


Last but certainly not least, we have two posters designed by media designer and hobby artist Sahin Düzgün. The first was made before the release date was pushed back due to the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming being pushed forward. I especially like this poster because it uses the North Carolina Panthers statue, that Black Panther is posing on so majestically, which is where I currently live! The next poster, made more recently, showcases the different duties Black Panther has dedicated himself to, a warrior and king for his people and an Avenger for the world!


Have these fan made posters fueled your already overflowing hype for probably one of the greatest Marvel movies to ever be released? Yeah, I said it. Fight me! Please don’t though, it’s just my right opinion. If you want more from these amazingly talented artists please check out their pages below!

Christian Ward-

Eileen Steinbach-

Darian Robbins-

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