Ladies Of GOC: Wonder Woman Spoilercast!

Hello, Geeks of Color! Wonder Woman has finally arrived, and in spectacular fashion. After a 75 year wait we finally got Wonder Woman in her own feature length film. We are huge fans of and we wanted to share our thoughts and feelings on Wonder Woman. This is a spoiler discussion, so if you are in the minority and have not seen the film, go see it! We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we hope to bring you more of the Ladies Of GOC!

You can find each members twitter account listed below:

Ferdosa –

Britnay –

Saron –

J’neia –


Hello! My name is Ferdosa Abdi. I am a News Reporter for GOC. Somali-Canadian. Carleton University (almost) graduate. Aspiring film festival programmer. I write stories. I am in love with Eva Green. I love science fiction, period dramas, and fantasy movies and TV shows.

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