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Sony’s E3 2017 Roundup

With a beautiful musical and water show opening, Sony started off their press conference announcing the Uncharted spinoff, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The game will not star Nathan Drake, and it will be released on PS4 on August 22.

Sony’s next announcement was Horizon Zero Dawn’s first DLC, The Frozen Wilds.

The next game announced was Days Gone, featuring extensive gameplay in its trailer, and a surprise zombie bear at the end.

Following that was Monster Hunter World, which will be released in early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Shadow of the Colossus, slated for release in 2018, was met with hype as it showed the remake’s familiar landscapes and monsters.

The next game, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, was announced for September 19, and has a story demo available now.

Call of Duty: WWII showed a little more gameplay, and was given a release date of November 3.

The next section of Sony’s conference was a brief rapid fire of VR titles coming soon. These include Skyrim VR, a new side scroller called Star Child, a horror game called The Inpatient, FF 15 fishing spinoff, Monsters of the Deep, first-person shooter Bravo Team, and Moss, a cute game featuring a mouse that goes on adventures.

After that, Sony cut to God of War, showing more gameplay, and the smooth combat that we can expect to see. God of War is going to be released in early 2018.

Next was an extended trailer for Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Dream, starring Jesse Williams. It’s a largely story-driven game about liberating androids from slavery.

Next, to no one’s surprise, was Destiny 2, with a September 6 release date. Sony fans can expect exclusive content on PS4, including gear, ships, exotics, and exclusive PvP maps.

Lastly, Sony closed out with Spider-Man, the highly anticipated standalone. The gameplay trailer showed us Arkham-inspired combat, stealth elements, quicktime events, a mini-boss fight, and Negative Man as what appears to be the main antagonist. Finishing up the trailer was a brief (but promising!) Miles Morales cameo, possibly hinting at him being a playable character in the game or DLC. Spider-Man will be released in 2018.

How do you think Sony held up compared to everyone else? Between Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus, and Spider-Man, which game are you most hyped for?

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