Bumblebee Spinoff Will Take Place in the 1980’s

Michael Bay’s last go at the Transformers franchise may be nearing soon with Transformers: The Last Knight, but Paramount Pictures has much more in store for everyone’s favorite robots in disguise. In an interview with Empire Magazine, Michael Bay offered up some information on the direction the Transformers movies will be going.

The next immediate movie will be a spinoff focusing on fan-favorite Transformer, Bumblebee. The movie will take place in the 1980’s and will feature “considerably fewer Transformers, concentrating on the big, yellow star (who in the movies so far can only talk via snippets of radio broadcasts) and likely pitching a little younger, tonally.


The Bumblebee spinoff will be directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) and written by Christina Hodson. Bumblebee is expected to begin filming later this year for a projected 2018 release. So far we the only confirmed casting we have is Hailee Steinfeld.

Transformers: The Last Knight crashes into theaters June 21st!

Sources: Empire Magazine, Transformer World 2005

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