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Bethesda Unveils Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Gameplay Trailer

It’s safe to say that, thus far, Bethesda has won E3 2017. Their showcase had a bubbly vibe throughout, which is odd considering the content of the games they publish. However, it felt right. Somehow they were able to keep the momentum up, enabling them to close the way they began — with a bang. The “one more thing” bit of tonight was the official announcement of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The eight minute look has so much going on that it’s impossible to take it all in with just one viewing. Check it out for yourself below:


Of course, B.J. Blazkowicz is still kicking… if for some reason a Wolfenstein film is ever broached, it’d be a crime not to cast Jason Statham. When last we saw the American soldier, he was marred in the on-going destruction of Deathshead’s compound. In the reveal trailer, he’s back in the saddle, ready to shoot, stab, and kill Nazis. In The New Order, B.J. was a member of the Resistance force in Germany. This time around, he’s aiding Resistance forces in America. It’ll be interesting to see what Machine Games does with an alternate version of a WWII-defeated American culture.

The gameplay doesn’t appear to be too different from the franchise’s last installment. But it’s worth noting that at some point during the trailer, B.J hops aboard a Panzerhund. To say it looks fun would be an understatement.

Shortly after the conference concluded, Bethesda released details for the game. First up is a description for the New Order sequel:

“Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order developed by the award-winning studio MachineGames.

“An exhilarating adventure brought to life by the industry-leading id Tech 6, Wolfenstein II sends players to Nazi-controlled America on a mission to recruit the boldest resistance leaders left. Fight the Nazis in iconic locations such as small-town Roswell, New Mexico, the bayous and boulevards of New Orleans, and a post-nuclear Manhattan. Equip an arsenal of badass guns, and unleash new abilities to blast your way through legions of advanced Nazi soldiers and über soldiers in this definitive first-person shooter.”

The publisher revealed a quick story synopsis, as well:

America, 1961. Your assassination of Nazi General Deathshead was a short-lived victory. Despite the setback, the Nazis maintain their stranglehold on the world. You are BJ Blazkowicz, aka “Terror-Billy,” member of the Resistance, scourge of the Nazi empire, and humanity’s last hope for liberty. Only you have the guts, guns, and gumption to return stateside, kill every Nazi in sight, and spark the second American Revolution.

Additionally, we also have our first look at the title’s box art:

Wolfenstein 2 ps4 box art courtesy of Bethesda

Photo Courtesy of Bethesda

Perhaps even more exciting than the trailer and the details is that it launches this fall. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 27.

Are you looking forward to returning to (or discovering) the world of Wolfenstein? Let us know in the comments below.


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