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Square Enix Surprise Drops Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

Following the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra’s performance at E3 tonight, Square Enix premiered and released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III on YouTube:


The trailer includes extensive (and smooth!) gameplay footage, and promises to be released on Xbox One and PS4, with no confirmed release date yet. The trailer also promises to release more information next month at D23 Expo, including a new world and a new trailer.

Kingdom Hearts III was first announced during E3 2013, and Square Enix has been pretty silent about it since then, with lead developer Tetsuya Nomura even saying that he felt the game was announced “too early”. As of April, Square Enix announced that KH3 won’t release any sooner than their 2018 fiscal year, and they’re hoping it’ll be released “in the next three years or so”. For now, the gameplay looks gorgeous, and we’re hoping to hear more about it at D23.

How excited for you about KH3? Is there anything you’re hoping to see from it in D23?

Source: Square Enix

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