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E3: What I am Most Excited to See From SONY

E3 is just around the corner and I personally have been team Sony my entire life so I just want to hit on a few things that I expect to see and that I would also love to see Sony announce at E3 next week.


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII

Ok first I’m going to get the disappointment out of the way: while I would LOVE to see anything from either of these games, SquareEnix loves to play with my emotions. We just got a surprise Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer today, but I would guess that is all the KH we get this year. Still no sign of FF 7 remake. SquareEnix has said that they expect both of these games to be out “in the next 3 years or so”. So there you go, “sometime in the next 3 years”.  Fun.


Spider-Man PS4

Now this game is something I not only expect us to see a new trailer for, but for it to have a large presence in the show. Probably the most excited I have been for a game in a decade. I NEED this Spider-Man game. The teaser trailer debuted last year at E3 so I truly expect some actual gameplay this year. Fingers crossed.





The Last of Us: Part 2

We saw the reveal at PSX just a couple months ago; we know this game is still in the works, but I think if we get more information on the Last of Us: Part 2 it will be in the form of a teaser trailer. I expect to see more from the next chapter of Uncharted more so than The Last of Us.





God of War

This is a game that has everyone’s eyes. We have a great trailer for the game and I am very excited to get more information on it.  I expect God of War to be front and center at the Sony keynote. I would guess we get another full length trailer and maybe even some game play this go round.




Sony’s 2017 E3 showcase starts at 6:00 PM pacific time on Monday June 12th or 9 PM eastern. Click here for the full E3 schedule!


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