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EA Shows Off Need for Speed Payback in Gameplay Trailer

During their annual EA Play event at E3 this year, the publisher showed off the newest installment of Need for Speed. The developer behind the new title, Ghost Games, previously revealed NFS: Payback in an announcement trailer. This time, more of the action-packed gameplay is on display… slow-mo and all. Check out the gameplay demo below:


Put behind the wheel of a Mustang GT, the player is tasked with racing toward and pulling up directly behind a truck. As expected, flunky cars are used as cannon fodder to hinder the player’s progress. Removing them from the equation is as simple as crashing into them, which diminishes their health. The results, in Fast and Furious-esque fashion, are glorious.

Pulling up beside the truck prompts a quick cutscene in which the passenger jumps onto the truck, climbs in and then quickly exits in an explosive manner. This heist sequence seems to point to what the studio’s teased in the past about players being in control of multiple characters. We’ll definitely be learning more in the months to come.

Are you excited for the title’s release? Let us know in the comments below. Need for Speed: Payback comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 10.

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