‘Wonder Woman’ is the Most Tweeted About Movie of 2017

As Wonder Woman reigned supreme at the box office last weekend and is expected to stay at number one this weekend as well, it’s no wonder that the film about the iconic Amazonian Princess, Diana, is the most tweeted about film of 2017 thus far.

The Twitter Movies account released the tweet yesterday, congratulating Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot.  Check it out:

To which Jenkins replied with a happy tweet of her own, thanking the film’s “twitter friends” for their support:

Directed by Jenkins, the movie is based on Wonder Woman’s origin and has received rave reviews since its official release June 2.

It was reported last week that Jenkins would return to direct a Wonder Woman sequel but Jenkins has not officially been contracted yet to direct the next installment. However, the film’s star, Gal Gadot, is already under contract to return for a second film.

Here’s hoping that Jenkins will be back to direct Wonder Woman 2 whenever it happens. Her vision for Diana was spot-on and it would be nice to see her continue to bring the story of Wonder Woman to life on the big screen.

Wonder Woman in in theaters now! Be sure to check it out.

Source: Twitter



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