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Sung Kang Officially On Board For Code 8 Film

Last year, it was announced that Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie had started working on a short film together that would be based on an original sci-fi concept of a world where a small number of the population have special powers. A 10-minute short titled Code 8 was released last year, kicking off a successful crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo in order to fund a full-length movie.


Stephen voiced a drone pilot in the short and Robbie played a “special” while Sung Kang of the Fast And The Furious franchise played the head of the Earth’s police unit. Filming began on June 1st, and both Amells have been confirmed to star as well as produce it while Jeff Chang, who directed the short, will also be reprising his position as director. And it has just been confirmed that Kang will be making a return to the project as well.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kang will reprise his role as Agent Park in the movie, searching for “specials”, including Robbie Amell’s character, Conner Reed. Reed will be searching for ways to pay his mother’s medical bills, leading him to the depths of the criminal underworld, which is ruled by Garrett, who will be played by Stephen Amell. The Amell’s have reopened the Indiegogo campaign for six weeks only, in an attempt to raise more money to make the movie even bigger and better.

Are ya’ll excited for Code 8? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

Code 8 has an expected 2019 release.


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