‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack Goes All 80s With Cassette Release

One of the best parts about the Netflix hit Stranger Things is its full commitment to its 80s setting. Now the show is taking it a step further with the release of its new soundtrack.

The series’ second score release will be as a cassette tape. To complete the nostalgic fun, the packaging will look like a VHS tape.

The new Stranger Things soundtrack is a cassette designed to look like a VHS tape. Source: Comic Book Resources

The synthesizer heavy music by Survive will be available exclusively at Urban Outfitters July 14.

Outside packaging of Stranger Things’ cassette tape soundtrack. Source: Comic Book Resources

Stranger Things focuses on a small town’s investigation into a boy’s disappearance and how they deal with the crazy, supernatural occurrences that follow. The series is very faithfully set in 1983.

The show’s young cast became breakout stars, including Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) who has joined the cast of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Season two is set a year after the events of season one and follows everyone as they attempt to pick up the pieces.

Stranger Things second season premieres on Netflix Oct. 31. Yes, Halloween. So skip the trick or treating, stay in and binge watch.

Source: Comic Book Resources


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