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Hellboy Reboot Reportedly to Start Production This Fall

It’s been almost ten years since the premiere of Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Hellboy fans have been patient for a third instalment. But recently, it was reported that the conclusion will never be made and instead we’ll get a reboot, starring David Harbour (Stranger Things) and directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers)

When announced, in April, it was normal to think the preproduction for this film could take months, even years, but apparently, we’ll get this movie by 2018, as stated by Dark Horse Entertainment and later confirmed in an interview with David Harbour:

“We’re supposed to go in September, I hope,” he said to TheWrap. “It’s good. It’s a whole new thing. I’d always been a fan of the comics and there’s a darker tone to it and I think in the climate we have now there’s kind of a darker… a desire for more of that… the script is good and this guy Neil Marshall is directing who’s really good and the aesthetic is great.”

The movie is being written by Andrew Cosby (2 Guns), Christopher Golden (a best-selling author) and Mike Mignola (Hellboy), and will have a darker tone, with a possibility of being R rated.

Despite the fact that Guillermo del Toro announced on Twitter “Hellboy 3 is not going to happen”, this reboot has his blessing, alongside with Ron Perlman’s, the original Hellboy.

Hellboy’s Reboot is set to premiere next year, with no official date as of this moment.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for a Hellboy’s Reboot or would you have preferred a third part for the original saga?
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