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Helix Hacker Group May Return To Season 6 of ‘Arrow’ [SPOILERS]

The season five finale of Arrow left on quite a cliffhanger. With the island of Lian Yu being blown up and Oliver not knowing if any of the people he’s closest to made it out alive, fans of the show will remain on the edge of their seats until the premiere of season six to find out everyone’s fate.

In the middle of season five, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) found herself joining forces with an underground hacker group that called themselves Helix. They aided Felicity on several of Team Arrow’s missions and in exchange Felicity helped them break out their leader and founder, Cayden James, out of A.R.G.U.S. imprisonment. In the end, the group disappeared believing Felicity helping them and Team Arrow was a conflict of interest. Helix’s last appearance is what really showed Felicity just how powerful they really are. The future of that organization was left open-ended and it is very much possible that they can return as possibly the main villains of a future season of Arrow.


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While speaking with TV Line, co-showrunner Wendy Mericle gave some insight on whether or not we can expect Helix to appear in season six. Check out her comment below;

“Having bailed on Felicity immediately after using her to find and free their founder, superhacker Cayden James, Helix’s status is very much a dangling thread and we don’t like to leave those hanging around. It’d be a great sort of built-in story for Felicity to revisit these people, who are not very happy with her, let’s be honest. We left that open-ended on purpose, for sure.”

Cayden James was definitely painted as an extremely dangerous man and now that he’s free, there’s no telling what chaos he can bring to Felicity, Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow. Based on Mericle’s comment it seems safe to assume that Felicity will survive the explosion on Lian Yu. What do you think of Wendy Mericle’s comments? Are you hoping for Helix to return in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Screen Rant, TV Line

Season 6 of Arrow will premiere on October 12 on The CW


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