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New Details about Super Nintendo World Released

Nintendo’s new theme park at Universal Studios is coming together, and new information and a new trailer have been released.


The park, officially named Super Nintendo World, is expected to be finished and open to the public in 2020, just in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Though the current expansion is only planned for Universal Studios Japan, there are discussions to bring attractions to Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando.

So far, construction photos reveal in-progress work on the parks own Super Mario Bros stage, and Universal Studios has confirmed that a Mario Kart ride will be coming to the park. In an interview with GAME Watch magazine, Mario creator and Nintendo representative Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he hopes the Nintendo Switch will interact with the park when it opens:

“If a lot of people can bring the console to the park at that time, by saying there is a possibility of various interlocking, the park’s technical team and Nintendo’s technical team will consult with various people while doing it. We are also studying the use of communications and Nintendo’s platforms in public areas such as the Louvre, so we are closely exchanging such aspects as well.”

Are y’all as excited for real-life Mario Kart as we are? Let us know what you hope gets featured at the new park!

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