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Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige pay homage to Richard Donner


Marvel and DC have united, but not quite as we expected.

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and Geoff Johns, head of DC Entertainment, payed homage to the man who gave us the first superhero movie ever: Richard Donner.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.54.24 AM.png

Donner’s work and trajectory were honoured last night at The Academy.  His work as the director of Superman, Superman II, and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut was what brought Feige and Johns together to honor him, in a rare Marvel/DC reunion.

Both Marvel and DC are enjoying success right now; Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy and DC with Wonder Woman. The next instalments for the studios are Spiderman Homecoming, to premiere this July, and Justice League, set to premiere in November.

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Source: The Academy (YouTube)


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