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‘Wyrmwood’ Creative Duo are Perfect for ‘Resident Evil’ Reboot

Resident Evil is set for a reboot, and the first film is to be produced by James Wan. The previous films, although successful, were not proclaimed as the best directed zombie-horror-action flicks. Those films left a lot to be desired. However, there is one creative duo who are not only the best choice to helm Resident Evil, they are the only choice. Their names are Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner. Here is a six-minute sneak peak for their zombie series Wyrmwood. Not only does this teaser show exactly what Resident Evil fans desire, but it also begs the question: “Why can’t Constantin Film, the studio behind the reboot, just produce this into a film series?”

The Wyrmwood tv series is based of Roache-Turner brothers’s 2015 low-budget horror of the same name. It was a internet sensation that won them the TV series. The film was the most illegally downloaded film in the world, both a blessing and a curse.

“The internet is definitely a majestical double-edged sword. On the one hand millions of people are watching your film and your movie has become an instant cult-classic. On the other hand nobody is paying for it which means profit is almost non-existent.” – Kiah Roache-Turner

The talent displayed in the film, and in this trailer indicates that the Roache-Turner brother could do wonders for the Resident Evil films. If these films must be rebooted, why not have the best creative duo at the helm.

Learn more about the Roache-Turner brothers here.

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