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Spider-Man: Homecoming: New Details About Michelle are Revealed

With exactly a month and a day away, Spider-Man: Homecoming’s release is slowly sneaking up on us. Fans have been dreaming of the day that they get to witness Spidey share the screen with some of The Avengers, and that time is now.

Of course, with a new Spider-Man comes new supporting cast members. We’ve got a pretty good idea what most of the cast contributes to the story at this point, but a character named Michelle – who will be played by Zendaya – is still shrouded in a bit of mystery.

Thankfully, Tom Holland and Zendaya herself have given us a bit of info about the character in a short featurette that aired on Disney Channel recently. Check it out below:


Tom says “She is a sort of weird, dorky, kind of closed-off character,” and Zendaya adds to that by revealing “She’s weird, but she’s super cool to me because I feel like usually what she says is very real.”

Obviously they’re doing their best not to give a lot away about this “original” character. While it’s still not certain what Michelle’s role in the grand scheme of things is, we at Geeks of Color are still pretty convinced that Michelle is secretly playing Mary Jane is some way or another. Marvel just needs to quit playing games and come clean.

What do you guys think about Michelle? Is she really a new character, or is Zendaya secretly playing Peter’s future boo? Sound off in the comment section below.

Source: Disney Channel (Youtube)


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