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Rumor Alert: ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ May include Shi’ar Empire

Hate to say I told you so but…well actually I’d love to. I told you so! The X-Men movies may be going cosmic after all! Well Omega Underground got their hands on some more audition tapes under the same working title, Teen Spirit that gave us the inkling of a young Rogue possibly being casted in the movie.

Out of the tapes leaked, the most interesting one came from Toby Huss (Halt and Catch Fire) where he auditioned for the role of Hoover. It wasn’t the character’s name that caught Omega Underground’s attention, it’s the nature of his audition tape. Huss’s character asks another if they’ve learned “their” language yet and points to a very alien undertone. The only alien connection to Chris Claremont’s iconic Dark Phoenix Saga is the Shi’ar Empire who played an integral role in the story.

A few weeks ago we wrote about X-Men producer, Hutch Parker’s hesitation to recast Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. In that piece, we pointed out the possibility of the franchise getting weird and more in tune with the comics in future films. Here’s an excerpt of Parker’s quote below:

…there’s so much else explore in the [X-Men] Universe and to play with. Particularly now as we’ve seen such bold tonal choices being made, I think that opens up the landscape as well, to seeing other genres living kind of fully within the comic book genre. And you saw that with Guardians of the Galaxy, I believe [it] is an exceptional example of that.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix soars into theaters November 2, 2018!

Source: Omega Underground


  1. I mean c’mon this should be a no brainer….you can’t have a true Phoenix Saga story with the Shi’ar and the Imperial Guard….man that was epic battle between the X-Men and the Guard. Wooooo!!!!!

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