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Justice League Performance Will Determine the Release Slate of Future DCEU Films

Wonder Woman returned people hope and interest for the DCEU but Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League performs before moving forward with their extensive slate.

The response for the first three films has been divisive, with only Wonder Woman receiving positive reviews and breaking records at the box office., making it great news for Warner Bros. as the release date for Justice League comes closer.

Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the beginning of the DC Extended Universe, Justice League will help set this universe in a new direction. Following the bad reviews for Batman V Superman‘s and its mixed reception, Warner Bros. shifted the narrative by bringing press to the set  of the Justice League and giving us more light hearted trailers for the upcoming film.

There’s no denying that, however 2017 turns out to be for DC, Warner is expecting to see how both Wonder Woman and Justice League perform both critically and with the audience, before barrelling ahead with multiple films every year.

It’s not about how well they perform on the box office, it’s likely Justice League will be able to cross the $1 billion mark and make tons of money like previews films, but it’s about the studio waiting for the fans and critics to see the movie and judge it before making any move. A smart decision for Warner, might add.

That doesn’t mean the studio won’t develop the movies they have in plan, it just means that, whatever happens after Justice League, is what will decide which movies should be made a priority, which movies should start production and what needs to change for DC films.

Let’s remember that Justice League will made the first true introductions of Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). All of them have standalone movies planned, Aquaman having started production few weeks ago, but if either the Flash or Cyborg turn out to be the breakout character of the film, it’ll be logical for Warner to speed the pre-production plans for these films, despite the bad luck The Flash seems to have.

After November 17th, 2017, the future of the DCEU will be a lot clearer than now.

It’s all up to the Justice League now.


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Source: Screen Rant


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