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Artist Kina Grannis Joins ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

More exciting news have been released with Jon M. Chu’s film Crazy Rich Asians based on the best-selling book by Kevin Kwan, with recent casting announcement that Harry Shum, Jr. has joined the already star-studded cast that includes (but is not limited to) Jimmy O. Yang, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, and Constance Wu.  And just last night, it was announced that singer/songwriter Kina Grannis will be joining the team and is flying to Singapore where filming will take place.

Kina Grannis is known prominently on YouTube as a singer/songwriter.  She first debuted in 2008 and has moved onto producing her own record label with her fans.  And while she has been doing music for a long time, Grannis has dabbled in some acting on YouTube with the Asian American filmmaking group WongFu Productions.  Most notably, she was featured in their short “The Last” and in their recent series of “Single By Thirty” where she starred opposite Harry Shum, Jr.  Both of those can be viewed on YouTube.

As of now, not much else is known about the capacity of Grannis’ role in the Chu’s film, but it is still exciting to see more talented Asian Americans being involved in the movie.  Even Chu has personally expressed his excitement about Grannis joining the team and how he’s wanted to work with her.

And since Grannis will be flying to Singapore for Crazy Rich Asians, she’ll also be hosting a concert at the Hood Bar and Café on June 18.  Maybe she’ll have some musical part in the movie, but we can’t wait to see her first time on the big screen.

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