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Check Out ‘Ant Man’ Animated Short From Disney XD

Disney XD has released online the very first animated short that follows the life of Scott Lang better known as Ant-Man. The short is titled Science Fair and is the one of six shorts that are scheduled to air on Disney XD this weekend. Check it out below:


The short follows Scott Lang as he accompanies his daughter to her school’s science fair where she plans to showcase her homemade Volcano complete with a volcanic eruption made with vinegar and baking soda. Unfortunately, Scott forgot the baking soda so he goes on an mission to find some baking soda but is distracted by his arch-nemesis Yellowjacket. The short runs just under two minutes and captures the same vibe made popular by the Ant-Man film starring Paul Rudd.

All six animated shorts will air this weekend. The first three; Science Fair, Alien Invasion and Soup Time will air on Saturday, June 10. The final three; Exterminator, Proton Cube, and Not A Date will air on Sunday, June 11. What do you think of the animated short? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE:, Youtube

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