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Scarecrow hinted at for ‘Gotham’ Season Four

Until now, we currently have Penguin and the Riddler as villains on Gotham. Tonight’s season finally will add Ra’s al Ghul and, reportedly, Harley Quinn to the mix.

However, another villain might be making his way towards Gotham.

The DC Entertainment YouTube channel dropped a video featuring most of Gotham‘s cast discussing what fans can expect in the show’s season three finale. However, things got a little side-tracked when actor Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) was asked what villains he would like to see in its fourth season.

“There are some villains that I’m a fan of that are in season four,” McKenzie said. “I’ve always been keen on the Scarecrow. It would be nice if the Scarecrow showed up.”

Also, a new Gotham featurette teases the arrival of this known super villain.

Let’s remember that in the comics, Scarecrow is the alter ego of Jonathan Crane, a former psychology professor who turns became one of Batman’s rouge by preying on the fears and phobias of others using fear toxins he created.

As the show has a recent trend of introducing high profile Batman‘s villains to its plot, it’s not difficult to imagine seeing the origin of Scarecrow in Gotham’s next season.

Gotham‘s third season concludes tonight, Monday, June 5 at 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX with a two-hour finale.

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