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Justice League Dark: Hunt for a Director Continues

The DCEU just released Wonder Woman, and the movie has the innanetz on fire right now. From controversy over an all-female screening to the historic impact of the film. This is not where our story lies though my friends. Our story lies within another film in the DCEU, Justice League Dark. Originally the movie was set to release around 2020, but WB has since been in a rush to get it out earlier. Rumor has it, they’re looking for a 2018 release, but it seems very unrealistic due to current events. 2019 seems like a very reasonable and realistic year to pump out JLD now. 2018 would’ve been nice, but Doug Linman (the chosen director) has recently stepped down from the film.


Rumors were circulating that Doug Linman and Warner Bros were having a creative disagreement, which is in fact not true. In a recent interview with IGN, Doug Linman says that the resignation is due to a nightmare schedule. Doug is currently working on a new film (Chaos Walking), and has one up right after (Edge of Tomorrow 2 [Hopefully]). He wouldn’t be able to meet a 2018 or 2019 deadline. He even passed on Gambit. Here’s what Linman had to say:


“I was really excited by the characters and that world, but I’m doing Chaos Walking for Lionsgate next and then Tom [Cruise] and I are hoping to do a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow so it just became a scheduling nightmare… That’s the problem with directing. Producers can do multiple films, you know? Directing is like being married!”


Linman’s story for the film was said to be more personal, so who knows what direction the film may go in as the search for a director continues. Now, we are left with a question of, “Who’s fit to helm Justice League Dark now?”


Introduced to the DCU in 2011, Justice League Dark is about some of DC’s lesser known heroes. They are a group of supernatural heroes. The group includes Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman, among others. They handle more out of the box situations that our more public Justice League heroes are not fit to handle. The animated Justice League Dark film came out in January, and I loved it. The animated film made me excited for the live-action version. The live-action version is having trouble finding a director. We definitely need a director for the film ASAP, if DC/WB want to pump this baby out within the next 2 years. They have a short list of directors for the film: Andres Muschietti (director of the IT reboot) and Argentine filmmaker Damián Szifron (director of Wild Tales). Personally, I think Tim Burton would be an epic hire for Justice League Dark. We could use that kind of wild over the top vision of his to bring these characters to life. More supernatural, horror, suspense would be lovely, Tim Burton knows how to make a dark film. I think he fits perfectly.


The way Wonder Woman is winning critics and fans alike over, this is truly DC/WB chance to leap at releasing a film like this. Maybe releasing Suicide Squad after all of this would’ve helped also, but that’s something we will never know. DC/WB is definitely on the verge to being on the top of movie universes along with Marvel. Are you prepared for the expansion that will happen with the DCEU soon? Who do you think should helm the JLD film? Let us know in the comments!


Sources: IGN/Screen Rant


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