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X-Men Producer Gives Update on Gambit Solo Film

Gambit has been in been in a sort of production hell for some time now, but fans fear not! We finally have some type of update on where the movie is standing in 20th Century Fox’s vast X-Men Cinematic Universe. In an interview with ScreenRantX-Men producer Hutch Parker was able to shed some light on the project while in the middle of speaking about his hesitation to recast Wolverine. Here’s what Parker had to say when asked if Gambit was still apart of Fox’s big picture:

It is. It is. I don’t have any news on that but there’s still a desire and a passionate interest to see that movie made.

It may be small but it’s something! It’s also reassuring to know that Fox still has sights on keeping this dream alive. Just a few weeks ago, longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg even confirmed that Channing Tatum is “actively committed” and attached to the role.

No word yet on when Gambit will hit theaters but be sure to catch Fox’s next X-Verse installment, New Mutants on April 13, 2018!

Source: ScreenRant

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