The Thinker Will Be Villain for Season 4 of ‘The Flash’

Well, it’s about time!

The Flash seems to get better and better with each season. Surprising viewers with its storylines, character cameos and even its larger-than-life crossover specials with hit comic-book series such as Arrow, Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow. Despite it’s growing quality, one complaint has always been it’s lack of diverse villains. The Flash is a speedster and in season one the main baddie was also a speedster, granted an evil one. But besides the contrast in personality, intention and costume there wasn’t much of a difference. As the series continued with seasons two and three, there wasn’t much of a difference in the main villains powers either. More speedsters… hooray!

Thankfully, all that is about to change.  A report from TV Line has confirmed that the main villain for season four of The Flash will be none other than The Thinker.

Photo Courtesy of Bam Smack Pow

If you have been keeping up with the show’s storyline than you’d know that The Thinker has been referenced several times on the show. Most recently in the season three finale when Savitar mentioned that a Cerebral Inhibitor would be the ideal tool to taking down their enemy. The same Cerebral Inhibitor that gives The Thinker his unique abilities. If you are unfamiliar with this particular DC Comics villain, here is a brief summary. The Thinker first appeared in All-Star Flash #12 where he was a lawyer that turned into a crime boss. With his device called the Thinking Cap (or the Cerebral Inhibitor) he is able to project mental force and control the technology around him.

No casting news has been announced for who will play the new big baddie of season four. Who do you think should play The Thinker? Are you excited to see a non-speeding villain in The Flash’s new season? Let us know in the comments below.


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