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New Trailer For Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Has Been Released

The cast and crew of the film held a live-stream over in Japan and at the end of it, they even had the best possible surprise for fans at the end: A trailer for the film.

The story is set in an alternate universe where ghouls-defined as individuals who can only survive by eating human flesh-live among normal humans while hiding their true nature. After a mishap with one of the humanoid creatures,  previously regular college student KenKaneki ends up turned into a half-ghoul and now he too must consume human flesh to survive while navigating life not just among the ghouls, but in regular human society as well.


The Tokyo Ghoul manga was written and drawn by Sui Ishida and was first released in 2011 and it’s final chapter was published on September 18th, 2014. It was then adapted into an anime in 2014 and the film will be released later this summer in it’s home country of Japan. Funimation is currently making plans to bring the movie to the US with English subtitles, but no dates have been announced just yet.

The full trailer for the movie can be seen below:


Tokyo Ghoul will be released in Japan on July 29th, 2017.


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