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14 Characters We Hope to See in A Wonder Woman Sequel

It’s hard to believe that for the first time in over 75 years, Wonder Woman’s solo silver screen debut is now upon us. Ever since the iconic Amazonian warrior appeared in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have been waiting anxiously to see if the formidable heroine would finally get the film most have been waiting a lifetime for. Having been created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman has been one if the most popular and beloved comic book characters to ever hit the pages and I think we can all agree on a collective, ‘It’s about time’!

Directed by the uber-talented Patty Jenkins, a director that is well acquainted with the history of Princess Diana, Wonder Woman will focus on Diana’s origin story and how her character came to be known as a beacon for compassion, justice, peace, and most of all, love. With Diana finally getting her time to shine, we thought it would be amazing if a few of her friends, family and foes got a turn to as well.

*Please note: This fancast was a collaboration between Tevin Murphy & Britany Murphy


Lisa Berry as Philippus (Britany’s pick)

General Philippus is one of the most revered fighters of the Amazons. She made her first appearance in 1987 and serves as Queen Hippolyta’s chief protector and had an active role in helping to raise and train a young Diana. As tough as she is compassionate, Phillipus is a force to be reckoned with. Her strength, courage and loyalty are always steadfast and mark her as not only a fierce warrior but a fierce friend. This is a role that would be greatly portrayed by Lisa Berry. Seen in television series such as, Supernatural and Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments, Berry is more than capable of playing the role of Diana’s teacher, friend and protector of all things Themysciran.


Tracey Ifeachor as Nubia (Tevin’s pick)

Fun fact: Wonder Woman has a twin sister who is black and goes by the name Nubia. Nubia debuted in February of 1973 in the pages of Wonder Woman #204. Originally Nubia is the long-lost twin sister of Wonder Woman who was also fashioned from clay and brought to life by the gods. She was kidnapped by the Greek god Ares and raised as a secret weapon who would help him destroy the Amazon’s. In other and more recent continuity Nubia isn’t Wonder Woman’s sister, but she is under the leadership of Wonder Woman’s aunt Antiope. However no matter the continuity one simple fact remains, Nubia is a fierce and stunning warrior with great intelligence, determination, and skill. Aside from her normal abilities as an Amazon Nubia was also gifted with the ability to turn living things to stone by the Gorgon’s as payment for helping them on one of her many missions. I chose Tracey Ifeachor to portray Nubia because just like many of the other women in this fancast, she has made a career out of playing strong, competent, emotionally complex, and interesting characters and I think she would be the perfect fit for Nubia. Another reason I chose Tracey is because one of Nubia’s most defining feature’s in the comics is that she is a dark-skinned woman and so it was important to me to make sure to keep that aspect. Oftentimes in our entertainment culture colorism plays a large part in casting decisions and it erases the experiences of dark skinned people as a whole.


Rutina Wesley as Artemis (Tevin’s pick)

Debuting in September of 1994 in the pages of Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #90 Artemis is one of the fiercest Amazonian warriors. Artemis was born an Amazon to the lost Egyptian tribe of Bana-Mighdall who went undetected by the Themysciran Amazons for centuries. Wonder Woman’s path crossed with the Bana Mighdall while she was searching for the villanous Cheetah. Her encounter with the city resulted in the god Hermes destroying the city of Bana Mighdall due to his love of Diana and a battle between Diana and the leader of the tribe. Though Artemis was introduced when she was 14 her and Wonder Woman wouldn’t meet until she was in her 20s and the two would get off to a rocky start, but would eventually forge a strong sisterhood. Artemis is a warrior of great skill and intelligence who has even spent a time in the title role of Wonder Woman. She is passionate and loyal to her Amazonian sisters making her the perfect ally for Diana. I chose Rutina Wesley to portray Artemis because as an actress she is extremely talented in her ability to portray fierceness, compassion, and vulnerability. She’s got the build perfect for an Amazon and I could see her rocking a dreaded high ponytail and the armor of the Amazons. Rutina can currently be seen on Ava DuVernay’s hit OWN series Queen Sugar where she portrays Nova Bordelon activist, reporter, and the eldest Bordelon child.


Marie Avgeropoulos as Donna Troy (Tevin’s pick)

Donna Troy is a fan favorite Wonder Woman character who made her comic book debut in July of 1965 in the pages of Brave and the Bold #60. Donna Troy was created to be a playmate for the young Princess Diana by the sorceress Magala. She was created when Magala used a magic mirror to create a copy of Diana, but with her own personality and traits. Donna was given her name when she was kidnapped and mistaken for the real Diana by the evil spirit Dark Angel and cursed to live through a tragic life of reincarnation. Donna is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans having also come up with the name from a lingering memory from a past life. Donna at one point has also taken up the mantle of Wonder Woman from Diana. She is an insanely loyal and kind character with a heart of gold and it would be interesting to see Diana take Donna under her wing. I chose Marie because her character on the CW hit show The 100 truly made me believe that she would be the perfect Donna.


Rhona Mitra as Barbra Ann “Cheetah” Minerva (Tevin’s pick)

There are few villains in Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery that are as well-known as Cheetah. Dr. Barbra Minerva made her comic book debut in August of 1987 in the pages of Wonder Woman #7. She is a British archeologist who garnered the reputation of being willing to do anything and go to any length to retrieve an artifact. Dr. Minerva’s life would never be the same after an expedition to the deepest parts of Africa in search of the lost city of Urzkartagan tribe. The expedition was doomed with betrayal, murder, and ritual sacrifice which would eventually result in Dr. Minerva being transformed into the avatar of the Cheetah god. Initially Cheetah wore a suit and wasnt in complete control when she transformed into the Cheetah, but years after the expedition she would come across the lost tribe of Bana Migdhall and the witch Circe. Circe would later go on to provide Minerva with a potion that would allow her to permanently transform into the Cheetah. No matter who wears the costume or bares the mantle Cheetah has been one of Wonder Woman’s most consistent and troublesome foes over the many decades since the characters creation. I chose Rhona Mitra because she has a history of portraying bad ass intelligent women. Rhona Mitra is the perfect actress to convey Barbra Ann Minerva’s intelligence as well as her passion and drive to be the best as well as her desire to push Wonder Woman to the very edge. Rhona would also be able to beautifully deliver moments of great sorrow and longing over the curse that Minerva has been subjected to.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the Goddess, Artemis (Britany’s pick)

The goddess Artemis made her first appearance for DC Comics in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #1 in 1987. The Greek goddess of the hunt and moon, Artemis is also twin sister of Apollo, god of the Sun. Her abilities include metamorphosis, immortality, communication with animals, telepathy and illusion casting. Artemis is typically portrayed armed with her bow and arrows, and she was one of five goddesses who imbued Diana with her own powers including the eyes of a hunter and unity with beasts. As a goddess, Artemis is as articulate as she is powerful. These are attributes that I have no doubt Gugu Mbatha-Raw embodies. If you’ve seen her in Amma Asante’s Belle, you will know exactly what I am talking about. She is as approachable, as she is deadly and there is no question that I could see Gugu standing her ground against villains and other gods in order to help Diana should the occasion arise.


Anika Noni Rose as Pallas Athena (Tevin’s pick) 

Any Wonder Woman fan knows the phrase “Athena guide me” whether you’ve read it in a comic or heard the Diana say it on the original Justice League cartoon we are all familiar with her relationship to the Greek goddess of Wisdom. DC comics interpretation of the famous Grecian Goddess of Wisdom, Craft, and War made her comic book debut in December of 1941 in the pages of All-Star Comics #8. She is one of the five gods credited with the creation, protection, and preservation of the Amazon’s also gifting them with wisdom, strategic thinking, and later on strength. Over the years Athena has been a source of inspiration and knowledge for the Amazon’s with Diana calling on her for strength, wisdom, and protection when she needs it most. I chose Anika Noni Rose to portray the goddess of Wisdom because she is such a warm and comforting actress. I think when it comes to playing Athena, Anika has the qualities of someone who would protect, nurture, inspire, educate, and preserve the sisterhood of the Amazons.


Cate Blanchett as Hera (Tevin’s pick)

Hera is the Greek Goddess of Women and Marriage and the older sister and wife of Zeus, she made her comic book debut in July of 1962 in the pages of Wonder Woman #131. She is one of the original five gods that decided to create the Amazon women from the souls of women who had died at the hands of men granting them immense strength and the means to defend themselves. Originally the original origin of Wonder Woman it is Hera who brings Diana to life by placing the soul of Queen Hippolyta’s child from her former life into the clay child that Hippolyta had created. Initially Hera is directly responsible for Diana’s life and part of her abilities. However the New 52 changes this and plays into Hera’s history of jealousy and intense anger over Zeus’s infidelity from Greek mythology. In the New 52 Hera discover’s another of Zeus’s mistresses and begins to inflict her rage upon her, but in the process she also discovers that Zeus and Queen Hippolyta had an affair which resulted in the birth of Wonder Woman making Diana Zeus’s biological daughter. This enraged Hera to the point that she took out her anger on Queen Hippolyta and the other Amazon’s turning them to stone. This action set both Diana and Hera on a crash course for each other. If Hera appears in the next film I would love for her to be an amalgam of both Pre-New 52 and New 52 Hera. I chose Cate Blanchett because in a world of gods and monsters she definitely feels like she would be the queen of the gods. Cate Blanchett has a regality and a beauty to her that makes her the perfect Hera. I’d imagine Blanchett’s Hera being very similar to her Lord of the Rings role Galadriel.


Eva Green as Eris (Britany’s pick)

In the New 52 incarnation of Eris, she is the half-sister of Diana, both having Zeus for a father And made her first appearance in Wonder Woman Vol. 4 #2 in 2011 and has been a test of patience for Diana ever since. As the Goddess of Discord/Chaos and Strife, her sole purpose is to create upheaval in any way that she can, even able to manipulate her size so she is even more of a force to be reckoned with. She is typically never far behind her brother, Ares as war or violence often come with discord and chaos. Picture it: Eva Green standing tall with her hair shaved and piercing eyes glowering at Diana with venomous fury. There’s simply something about Eva that is daunting and devilish, despite her obvious beauty. She certainly knows how to play an amazing villain and there would be no difference if she took on the role of the Mistress of Chaos herself.


Benicio Del Toro as Hades (Tevin’s pick)

The DC version of Hades god of the underworld made his comic book debut in 1986 in the pages of Wonder Woman #329. Hades is most famously the Greek god of the underworld as well as the brother of the Greek high god Zeus. I chose Hades because as a character he presents the opportunity to further thrust Diana into the world of magic and pit her against all sorts of hellish demons and nightmares. It’s always interesting to see a character like Wonder Woman who is so full of light and hope battle forces as dark and terrifying as the forces of some hellish underworld. I chose Benicio Del Toro because the man’s voice and demeanor make him the perfect actor to take on this sort of devilish role. His slow almost haunting speech patter makes him the perfect person to portray a dark and brooding Hades. I just imagine a scene where Benicio is standing completely enveloped in shadows and the old thing visible are glowing bright orangish red eyes and from the shows he whispers, “Oh my sweeet Diana”.


Javier Bardem as Nikos Aegeus (Britany’s pick)

Nikos Aegeus is another one of Wonder Woman’s many foes. He debuted in 1982 and after getting Pegasus and being endowed by the power to wield Zeus’s lightning by Bellerophon, Aegeus kidnapped Steve Trevor in order to find Wonder Woman. Aegeus also somehow stole the dagger of Vulcan- a weapon which was known to be able to cut through any material, including the lasso of Hestia. Forever a thorn in Diana’s side, Aegeus could be played by none other than Javier Bardem. If you know one thing about Bardem, it’s that he certainly knows how to play a villain (re: No Country for Old Men, Skyfall). I can just picture Bardem’s Aegeus taunting Diana from atop his steed Pegasus, beckoning the Amazonian princess to do her worst as he holds up Vulcan’s dagger.


Jessica Chastain as Circe (mutual pick)

Circe is an extremely powerful immortal sorceress and former princess of Colchis. She made her debut in August of 1988 in the pages of Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #19. Circe’s subjects objected to killing her “weak” husband and so she was exiled and she found herself on an island and began to collect magical objects. She began to use and manipulate the sirens in order to draw sailors to her island. Circe would draw the attention of the goddess Hecate who would use Circe as her instrument of revenge against the Greek gods. Hecate and Circe struck a deal for “immortality, eternal youth, and power beyond measure.” Circe has proved to be a formidable and rather powerful foe for not just Wonder Woman as a whole. She is known for her insane lust for power as well as her natural charisma and charm. Many might be familiar from her episode of Justice League Unlimited where she turned Wonder Woman into pig and sent much of the Justice League on a wild goose chase around the city searching for the Princess and a way to turn her back into her human self. I chose Jessica Chastain because as I’ve said before just like many of the other women on this list she has a history of playing badass characters that are complex, multi-dimensional, and strong. Jessica would be able to portray not just Circe’s sex appeal, but also her charisma and lust for power. She would give us a Circe that we hate to love but she’s just the right amount of charming mixed with devilish.


Joan Chen as Doctor Cyber (Britany’s pick)

Doctor Cyber is one of Wonder Woman’s most formidable foes. Having made her first DC comics appearance in 1968 as the head of a global terrorist group, Doctor Cyber had her face mutilated in an accident, forcing her to wear the mask while having a cybernetic exoskeleton. In an effort to regain her former beauty, she became obsessed with transferring her consciousness into Wonder Woman’s body. With a varied arsenal of weaponry including an invisibility screen and mind control serum, Doctor Cyber is deadly. Joan Chen is the first person to come to mind when I was thinking about this role. Her obvious beauty as well as her roles in shows like Twin Peaks, Tales from the Crypt and Fringe let me know that doing a role that has to do with the strange and supernatural are just up Joan’s alley. Besides. It would be something to see Diana’s mind ensnared by Joan bringing Doctor Cyber to life.


Ana de la Reguera as Dr. Leslie Anderson (Britany’s pick)

The brilliant scientist and surgeon made her first appearance in Wonder Woman Vol 2 #196 back in 2003. She was a founding partner of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals but soon grew to be a fierce friend and ally of Diana’s after leaving the company due to co-founder Veronica Cale’s illegal activities and hate for Wonder Woman. Dr. Anderson was recruited by Diana to Silver Swan from death. Ana de la Reguera is a perfect fit for this role. I most recently saw Ana as Carla in Everything, Everything and felt as if this role was hers for the taking ever since. She was kind and helpful, doing what was best for others and that is something that one would want in a doctor/surgeon. She can also most certainly take bad ass to a new level (re: Narcos and The Blacklist). Everyone needs to have awesome friends in their corner; she’d definitely be someone who Diana would want on her side.

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