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‘Steven Universe: Save the Light’ Has New Playable Characters, Story

Two years after the release of the well-received mobile game, Steven Universe: Attack the Light, console-owning fans of the series will be getting a sequel. Series creator Rebecca Sugar has confirmed that unlike the mobile game, Save the Light will be fleshing out some of the show’s complicated mythology. Sugar is working closely with Grumpyface, the developer for both games, to build an original story for the release. According to Sugar:

“When we did the first game, we had all these big, ambitious ideas that we had to put into a smaller game. Now, we get to expand on everything, especially a lot of the relationship dynamics in these small ways, sort of snuck into the first game. Like, you tell a joke that you know one of the Gems will laugh at. Who you’re trying to impress or support has gone from a kind of Easter egg to being a huge part of the gameplay.”


Photo via Polygon

Along with relationship systems, the game rewards players for defending your teammates, executing combos, and using abilities. Eventually, these points add up, and unlock new abilities, like a wide variety of Fusions, like Stevonnie. The mechanics in the sequel are an ambitious shift from the mobile game. Chris Graham, the director and owner of Grumpyface told The Verge in an interview:

“This time, we wanted to go deeper. You’ve got the 3D world with all sorts of realms to explore. You’ve got side quests, a crafting system, character perks, upgrades, customizable teams. Really, from [the] top down, we said to ourselves, “This needs to be suitable for consoles, and be the biggest possible Steven Universe adventure we can imagine.”


Photo via Polygon

So far, demos and promotional photos confirm that players will get to see a 3D version of Beach City, and play as a range of characters, including Greg Universe. So far, Steven Universe: Save the Light is confirmed to come to PS4 this summer, with other consoles expected to follow.

Have you gotten to play Attack the Light? What are you hoping they change in the remake? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Verge, Polygon

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