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Liza Soberano Cast as Darna, Iconic Filipino Superheroine

Liza Soberano has been cast as Darna, the most iconic superheroine from the Philippines. Soberano will be taken on the mantle for upcoming film adaptation. Darna had her live action debut in the 1950’s and has been continuously adapted ever since.

“In the original lore, Darna is a warrior from Planet Marte who manifests herself in a village girl from Earth named Narda. In order to transform into the heroine and defend humans from evil forces, Narda swallows a tiny meteorite and shouts “Darna!” — a small scene which has since been embedded in local pop culture.”

The film was announced in 2015, and Erik Matti was tapped to direct. He took on the task to introduce the hero to a new generation. With the social media buzz this casting generated, this might reach international audiences.

Soberano is a popular teen American-Filipino actress, and this will be a big step forward for the actress. Playing the iconic Darna will certainly open doors for the actress,and make her a household name.

The casting was announced nearly a week before the release of Wonder Woman, which is both encouraging and smart. It is encouraging because the news did trend worldwide on Twitter, and it shows confidence that this project will be just as impressive. It is smart because many of us are anxious for more women heroes to get the cinematic treatment.

Darna will get the boost she needs to reach international audiences. Wonder Woman is a critical success, and should get a nice box office opening, which means there will be a heightened interest in superheroines.

Source: ABS-CBN.

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  1. Liza Soberano is such a great young lady, I’m happy she will be playing what sounds like an interesting hero 🙂

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