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Why CW’s Black Lightning Needs to Join the Arrowverse

When it was announced that the CW officially picked up Black Lightning as a series, excitement flooded the internet. The CW adding to their already impressive roster of superheroes made most believe the arrowverse was adding another piece as well. Unfortunately, anyone with hopes of seeing Black Lightning suit up next to Green Arrow, The Flash, or even the Legends of Tomorrow would have their hearts crushed when news broke that Black Lightning would not exist inside the same universe as our other CW heroes. The game plan has a lot to do with the shows filming in separate locations. However, the CW would be smart to not only add Black Lightning into the fold but to also keep the heroes coming.

The CW’s arrowverse got a jump on the DCEU by having an increased level of connective tissue. The continuity that they have with all of their shows creates a universe where heroes and villains pop up any given night. Throughout the seasons, numerous comic book characters have been introduced to us, and the addition of characters has only given The CW more options. For example, the introduction of multiple characters on both Arrow and The Flash led to Legends of Tomorrow being a possibility. So, the question is, “What possibilities could Black Lightning bring to the arrowverse?”

Any fans that remember the four show crossover titled “Invasion” will remember a scene where the Hall of Justice is teased. With members of the Justice League having already made their debut in the arrowverse (Flash, Green Arrow, Super Girl, Super Man, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, among others) the addition of a notable JL alum could bode well for a possible JL special event or series. The addition of Black Lightning would also mean the addition of his two young daughters: Thunder and Lightning. The CW has done an impressive job building a gallery of young sidekicks such as Arsenal, Speedy, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick. The addition of two more young heroes to the arrowverse could give the CW the capability of creating a Young Justice event or series. Black-Lightning-and-the-Justice-League

The CW has become synonymous with superheroes and deservedly so. With an impressive gallery of superheroes and their rogues, the sky is the limit for the underdog in the superhero genre. Black Lightning will only bolster that reputation if the property ever does join the arrowverse and while it does not look likely now, there is hope. At first it did not look likely that Supergirl would join the arrowverse. A similar announcement was made that the show was to have no affiliation with the arrowverse, but we have now gotten multiple crossovers including her and other arrowverse heroes.

Black Lightning is slated for a 2018 release. Are you excited to see him in his own standalone universe, or are you disappointed in the decision? What other heroes would you like to see join the CW’s arrowverse? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Good ol DC…shooting themselves in the foot yet again smh…if they were smart of course they would include BL in the Arrowverse…so many things could spin off from that from a live JL Unlimited type show to a live Young Justice show…they still haven’t learned…

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