Final Fantasy VII Remake Undergoes Development Change

First released in 1997, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII is officially a little over twenty years old.  Along with its birthday, the game is getting a remake.  However, developers have recently announced that they will be making changes to how the remake will be made.

It was reported in a livestream that the game will now be made internally at Square Enix rather than branching it out to external developers.  Square Enix believes that this move will be beneficial for the development of the game.

3196814-c441-rvwyaakero.jpgPhoto via GameSpot

Haoki Hamguchi who was the main programmer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will now be heading the remake project of FFVII.  Hamguchi stated in the livestream:

I’ve taken charge on the development side for Final Fantasy VII Remake. […] As for the whole story, (it’s a sensitive topic, but) until now, development was moving forward with external cooperation, but the company has decided to shift to an internal setup, including mass production and quality, because we want to control everything, including quality, on a stable schedule.

Photo via GameSpot

Fans should also not expect the remake to come out any time soon.  Square Enix has stated it won’t be coming out until 2018 at the earliest.

Have you ever played the first Final Fantasy VII?  What are your thoughts on the remake?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: GameSpot


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