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Assassin’s Creed Origins Merch Reportedly Depicts New Protagonist

As per usual, a new leak has Assassin’s Creed in the spotlight once again. An alleged look at new merchandise shows off the franchise’s incoming protagonist. On NeoGAF, user WraithWalker1893 posted an image that appears to feature a yet to be unveiled Assassin’s Creed shirt. Its all black design has a large print on the front, with an Assassin in white robes, wielding a shield and bow.

Alleged photo of Assassin's Creed Origin's protagonist

In the print’s top right corner, the word (maybe the name) “BA YEK” is visible in white letters; hieroglyphs are scrawled directly above it. When entered in Google translate, “Ba Yek” is said to mean “one” in Kurdish. The Kurds are an ethnic group in the Middle East that inhabit the region which borders Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia, and Turkey. With past rumors suggesting the latest installment of the Ubisoft franchise is to be set in ancient Egypt, this apparent revelation is puzzling. However, an explanation is expected at E3 in mere weeks.

Adding fuel to the fire, Ashraf Ismail (game director of AC: Black Flag, and an unannounced project), tweeted the following, hours after the NeoGAF post garnered attention:

Of course, this neither confirms nor denies the speculation, but it’s still quite noteworthy. Also worth noting is the simplicity of the Assassin’s design. The supposed protagonist’s garb is reminiscent of that worn by Altaïr, and Ezio in his early days.

Presently, there are too many questions to consider. But one thing is certain — we can’t wait to see the newest Assassin’s Creed in action, especially if the guy gloriously emblazoned on the above t-shirt is the series’ new lead.

Tell us your thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Origins and its many rumors in the comments below.

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