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‘Anything is Possible’ Regarding an X-23 Spinoff

Logan had so many moments of brilliance, it can be hard to keep count. One thing’s for sure, Dafne Keen had a break out performance in what is one of this year’s best comic book movies. In an interview with ScreenRant, producer Hutch Parker had some interesting news about Keen reprising her role as the cloned-mutant, X-23. This comes just a few weeks after writer/director, James Mangold hinted at the idea. Here’s what Parker had to say below:

“Anything is possible. I think part of the fun of this universe is, as it’s expanded and it’s gotten more off-shoots, there are ways to potentially explore X-23 further. It’s something we’ve been talking about a little bit and have, frankly, going back a bit. So that’s a possibility.”

Go ahead and take a moment to catch your breath. You good? Alright then let’s get back to it! Now obviously adding X-23 back into the equation comes with a lot of questions like how will she meet the X-Men if a great deal of them died in the Westechester incident, or how would a character like X-23 in the future that she exists in even fit in with the current X-Men movies. One of the best things about Logan was its definitive story for Hugh Jackman and Mangold got away with that by setting the movie in the future.

So how the hell are we going to get this movie?! Two words, time travel. The mic has been dropped my friends, let us know your thoughts on the possible return of X-23. Lit or nah?

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Source: ScreenRant

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