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Patty Jenkins Wants the Invisible Jet in Future Wonder Woman Films

One of comics’ most iconic images is Wonder Woman flying through the air in her invisible jet.

The jet has been an integral part of Diana’s arsenal in comic books, cartoons and the live action TV show. However, don’t expect to see it in the upcoming film Wonder Woman.

The DCEU’s commitment to a more realistic superhero world makes the invisible jet a hard sell. Though, director Patty Jenkins would like to see it make an appearance at some point.

“The invisible jet is very important, and ultimately we have to have the invisible jet,” Jenkins told Yahoo Movies. “That’s a very big part of Wonder Woman.”


Source: Warner Bros.

For his part, co-star Chris Pine wants to see another of the Amazons outrageous characters in the sequel, Jumpa the Kanga. Amazons use these giant kangaroos to ride around Themyscira.

“We have to see that on-screen. There absolutely has to be a kangaroo in the next one,” Pine joked.

Directed by Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, Danny Huston and David Thewlis, Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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