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Jon Bernthal and Gabriel Luna Would Be Down For A Thunderbolts Series

Over this last weekend, Gabriel Luna of Agents Of SHIELD fame was brought onto a Q&A for eager fans to inquire about his past, present and future of his career and personal life.

The actor was poked and prodded about his tenure as Ghost Rider on the Marvel television show and asked a multitude of things based around the character, the SFX and his time on set.

But there was something that excited the comicbook-minded audience more than anything.

Gabriel wants to do a Thunderbolts series with Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) and Elodie Young (Elektra from the Daredevil television show) and a Midnight Sons series with the character of Blade.


Jon Bernthal, who also happened to be a celebrity attendee at the event, was nothing but supportive of the prospect when asked about it by Omega Underground and stated that he would love to don the skull-emblazoned vest of Frank Castle again “if the script was right.”

But, as sad is it, hardcore fans of Marvel and their properties (whether comics or film) shouldn’t be too excited about the project as the MCU television side of things hardly connects across networks and seems second-tier to their wide breadth of past and upcoming blockbuster films.

Source: Omega Underground

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