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Jessica Jones Is In A Lot More Trouble Than She Bargained For Via Set Photos

We learned earlier in the year that Season Two of Jessica Jones was both primed and ready to film after the highly-regarded success that the first season captured with its use of mature themes and usage of the original source material Alias.

Until now, we’ve had very little to go on about the sophomore season’s plot as Jessica has very little to draw from ever since they utilized the aforementioned Alias heavily within the first season.

But, new set photos have surfaced which showcase two of the female leads (Jessica and her best friend Trish) being hunted down and handcuffed by police officers while having guns placed into the back of their heads.

What could this mean for our lead heroines? From the set photos, it seems that Trish and Jessica used their investigative skills a little too well and clambered into the wrong crime scene.

Jessica Jones punches her way back onto the small-screen on an unspecified date in 2018.

Source: MCU Exchange

(Featured Image by mcguinnessjohn on DeviantArt)

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