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Harley Quinn Comes To Gotham’s Season 3 Finale

Another supervillain is coming to the small screen. reports that Harley Quinn has been confirmed to join Gotham, making her debut on next week’s season 3 finale. also reports that David Mazouz, Gotham’s Bruce Wayne, was candid during his talk at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London last week, saying that “She’s [Harley Quinn] going to be in the finale. Stay tuned.” 

With the confirmation of Quinn’s entrance to the Gotham lore, the next question is which of the current characters will embody the super villain. Fans and critics believe that the logical choice would be Erin Richards’ Barbara Kean. Her association with Jerome Valeska and her evolution from Jim Gordon’s fiancee to a member of Gotham City’s crime world. Fans of the show will also remember Barbara’s time inside Arkham Asylum, as well her her ownership of The Sirens, a probable homage to Gotham City Sirens.

It’s also important to note that Harley Quinn’s arrival may also mean the arrival of the Joker in the near future. Many believe that it may be Jerome Valeska, but the people behind Gotham haven’t confirmed Valeska as the Joker. Whatever Harley’s Gotham origin will be, she will definitely make an amazing addition to Gotham’s villains.

Gotham’s season 3 finale will air next Monday on FOX.


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