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COMICS: The Original Ultimates Make Their Way Into 616 In Ultimates #100

The Ultimates, a government-funded and trained team of heroes consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Wasp, and Giant Man which were the Ultimate Comics/Universe Counterparts to the original 616 Avengers.


But, after the 2015 Event Secret Wars, the Ultimate Comics and their characters were nullified of their existence by several different phenomenon over the course of Marvel’s nine-issue series.

Now, in the newest line of Ultimates comics, the original team will make themselves known to America Chavez, Monica Rambeaux, Blue Marvel and Black Panther (the newest Ultimates) as they step between the gateway of destroyed parallel universes as they must unite together to defeat the evil entity known as The Maker, a murderous and malevolent version of Reed Richards A.K.A Mister Fantastic, in the Eternity War.


Will these heroes stand a chance, even with their combined strength and effort? Find out in August when Ultimates 2 #100 is released into stores!

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