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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Development on Hold; Awaiting Results of Avengers: Infinity War

Disney’s Marvel cinematic universe has created a fine tuned machine, in which every film serves to supplement the overall product. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, have both managed to separate themselves as their own beasts. While both have given us easter eggs which have referenced Marvel comic book properties (Enter: Howard the Duck), the films have had little to no tie in with the rest of the MCU, outside of the overarching villain, Thanos. Well, according to actor and brother of Guardians of the Galaxy director, Sean Gunn, that is all about to change.

Gunn, who plays the loyal ravager Kraglin in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, recently spoke with Fan Fest. During this conversation, he alluded that his brother, director James Gunn, is taking his time approaching the third installment of the franchise. He then revealed that a part of Gunn’s hesitation is the dependence the third installment will have on the outcome of the next two Avenger’s films, Infinity War.

While we have known for awhile now that the Guardians of the Galaxy would team up with earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, this development hints to the stakes revolving around this team up being high. This could be a refreshing change, as the MCU has been criticized for their lack of high stakes situations. However, the wait to see how this will impact the overall product of the MCU, as well as our favorite galaxy guardians, will be a long one. 

Source: Fan Fest

Avengers: Infinity War, is set for a release date of May 4, 2018. In the mean time, let us know what you think of this recent development below in the comments. Are you excited for the ramifications of Avengers: Infinity War, or concerned?

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