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‘The Joy Luck Club’ May Be Getting A Television Series

With the ever-growing criticisms of Hollywood’s lack of Asian representation on the screens, this new development may be a refreshing update.  It appears that Amy Tan’s popular and poignant novel The Joy Luck Club will be turning into a television series.

At the moment, there have not been many sources that have announced this, but a casting call has been found and posted.  It reads:

Ellen DeGeneres and world-renowned author, Amy Tan want to invite fans of the novel, The Joy Luck Club to be part of a cultural discussion as research for a new television series.

We are seeking a professionally diverse group of Chinese American born women between the ages of 26-34 years old in the San Francisco area to discuss their lives as a Chinese American female in today’s society with producers of the series.

This project will take place in San Francisco on June 20th.

Email us a short bio about yourself and contact information to

So a couple things are certain based on this call: that Ellen DeGeneres and Amy Tan both have a hand in this potential new television show and that they are looking to showcase Chinese American women.  It also does seem like it’ll be set in the novel’s city setting, San Francisco.

If critics know anything, it’s that representation is sorely needed and this casting call seems to be headed in the right direction.

The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan and first published in 1989 focuses on the Chinese American immigrant family experience.  Set in California’s very own San Francisco, the characters of the book center around the Chinese game of mahjong.  In fact, they create a club, the Joy Luck Club, where people come in and play a few matches of the tiled game.  In 1993, a featured film was made based on this novel.

What do you think of this casting call?  Would you be interested in watching a show based on Amy Tan’s novel?  Will you answer this casting call?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Angry Asian Men

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