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Black Cat and Silver Sable Film Gets Director, Title and Release Date

Sony Pictures is hard at work trying to reconstruct there Spider-Man universe. It wasn’t long ago, before Sony and Marvel made a deal to connect him into the MCU, that Andrew Garfield was donning the role as Peter Parker and Sony Pictures had plans for a Sinister Six film. There were even discussions about a spinoff prequel where Aunt May was a secret agent. Pretty sure we all dodged a bullet with that one. But now Tom Holland has taken on the role of Peter Parker after his stunning debut in Captain America: Civil War and Sony seems to be excited about building their universe once again. Recently, they announced that Tom Hardy has been cast to play Eddie Brock in a Venom spin-off. Now the news continues to flow as The Hollywood Reporter just confirmed that the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie is happening and has found it’s director.

Gina Prince-Bythewood will be directing the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie which is officially titled Silver and Black. The film is expected to start filming this fall so that it can be released in October 2018. Venom has an October 5, 2018 release date so that means we can expect two Spider-Man spinoffs in the same month. CAN YOU SAY… LIT!

Chris Yost (Thor: Ragnarok) is working on the current draft of the script previously penned by Lisa Joy who co-created the HBO sci-fi drama Westworld.


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Silver Sable is a mercenary who runs a company that hunts war criminals. She has been an ally and enemy of Spider-Man since her creation in 1985. Black Cat is a thief and acrobat who has had a complicated, yet romantic, relationship with Spider-Man over the years. An iteration of the character was written in early drafts of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 but was eventually cut. The character whose real name is Felicia Hardy appeared outside of her costume in Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the assistant to Harry Osborn but no connection to Black Cat was ever implied.

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Prince-Bythewood has directed amazing films like Love & BasketballSecret Life of Bees and Beyond The Lights. She most recently directed the pilot for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger that is slated to appear on the Freeform Network really soon. Her ability to tell intriguing stories while building characters that we come to love on screen is the reason why audiences love her. What do you think GOC fam? Are you excited for this film and it’s director? Who do you want to see cast as Black Cat and Silver Sable? Let us know in the comments below.


Silver and Black will be released October 2018


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