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RUMOR: DCEU’s The Flash Script to be ‘The Perfect Coming of Age’ Film

Ezra Miller’s The Flash finally has its script. After reports of drafts and many rewrites, the DCEU film has dialed down on a script. Miller has appeared in a DCEU films already, briefly appearing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

According to Screenrant, the report came from a tip in the popular Reddit community r/DCEULeaks. User @WBUT7 goes into detail about the final script focuses on “Barry Allen’s struggle with coming to terms with the unique sets of special abilities that he has at such a young age” @WBUT7 also goes further, saying that the studio is happy with the pre-production process of The Flash overall.

“The script has been completed and approved after MANY drafts and rewrites. The studio has finally approved a very good script, with some calling it ‘a perfect coming of age story regarding a young man trying to control his power’. There have not been that much more conversation regarding this film, although they have been very excited.”

While the script has been reportedly finalized, there hasn’t been a director set to helm the film. Rumored candidates have been Kingsman’s Matthew Vaughn and Robert Zemeckis, known for films such as the Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, and Allied.

Warner Bros. has not confirmed or denied these script claims.


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