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David Ayer In Talks to Direct Diego Luna Lead ‘Scarface’ Reboot

Deadline is reporting that there are early negotiations between David Ayer (Sabotage, Suicide Squad) and Universal studios. The Scarface reboot will bring a new take to the classic gangster story.

The story based on Armitage Trail’s 1930 novel was adapted twice before, in 1932 and 1983. The 1983 flick is the most famous of the two, directed by Brian De Palma and starring Al Pacino.


Diego Luna. Image via DVAK Mexico

The reboot will star Diego Luna and was scripted by the Coen brothers. So far that is a very promising film, however Ayer’s involvement might do more damage than good. Ayer is famous for his gangster films, but his latest film is the biggest cause for concern. Suicide Squad was a financial hit, but was critical disappointment. In fact his last critical hit was Fury from 2014, which earned a 77% on RT, and 2012’s End of Watch, which earned a 85%. His filmography is riddled with disappointments, and it is baffling that such a filmography seems appealing to Universal.

This is still in early talks, and I would implore Universal to look for another director. Perhaps a Mexican director, since this film will depict a Mexican crime-lord and the Mexican community. Such a film will need a sense of authenticity and respect, particularly now when diversity and representation are on everyones mind. And since this is a reimagining of the iconic immigrant story, starring a Mexican actor, it would be in poor taste for a white man to tell this story. Ayer’s work has proven that he has tendency to rely heavily on stereotypes.

Scarface is set to release August 2018, however, that might change.

Source: Deadline.

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