Cannes: Margot Robbie Amongst Potential Actresses to Lead Revenge Thriller ‘Peppermint’

Lionsgate has purchased the worldwide distribution right for Peppermint, the woman-centric action film that has been likened to John Wick. Pierre Morel is on board to direct. His previous credits include Taken and The Transporter. 

Lakeshore Entertainment brought the project to Cannes to find distribution. Chad St. John wrote the script, and it follows a young mother who loses her son and husband to an act of violence. She survives and vows to get revenge on those who took everything from her.

Lakeshore expects to fast-track the film to a fall production. They hope to use the “female John Wick” angle to gain momentum and excitement and perhaps win over high caliber actress to join the cast. Margot Robbie is rumoured to be circling the project, and it is unclear who else is in contention. Expect other popular names to surface at some point. Robbie is unlikely to take on the role, her impressive list of upcoming films will keep her busy and Gotham City Sirens & Bad Monkey may be the only action films she has time for.

Source: Deadline.


Hello! My name is Ferdosa Abdi. I am a News Reporter for GOC. Somali-Canadian. Carleton University (almost) graduate. Aspiring film festival programmer. I write stories. I am in love with Eva Green. I love science fiction, period dramas, and fantasy movies and TV shows.

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