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Jordan Peele’s Next Film Will Have a 2019 Release

So if you haven’t heard, Jordan Peele released a little movie this year called Get Out which was both a critical and box office success. He even turned down the chance to remake Akira because in his own words, he wanted to focus on “creating original stuff”. Lucky for us, that wait won’t be too long as it has just been announced that he will be directing a movie for an expected release of 2019.


The deal is signed with Universal Pictures and is slated to be another social thriller that is currently untitled & Peele will write, direct, and produce it just as he did with Get Out. There aren’t currently any released plot details but with a rymored budget of $25 million, it’s sure to be great. Peele has even confessed to having already written a couple of “social thrillers”, which are films with the vibe of a horror movie, but reflect the world that we live in.

Peele will also produce other projects for the company, a key aspect being that he will shepherd other micro-budget projects specfically with Jason Blum who produced Get Out. The idea here is to give “a voice and opportunities to those traditionally under-represented in front and behind the camera, be it gender, race or sexual orientation.”

Are ya’ll hype for Peele’s new work? Let us know in the comments below!

Jordan Peele’s untitled film will be released in 2019.


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