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Clark Gregg Might Direct An Agents Of SHIELD Episode

Agents Of SHIELD, a television program chock-full of comic references, badass women, espionage, gadgets galore and Dorian Park’s future wife: Chloe Bennet.

A main player since the beginning of the series has been Phil Coulson, played by the incredible Clark Gregg, who met his untimely demise by the hand of Loki in the Avengers and then resurrected by a secret government program known as T.A.H.I.T.I.

Now it’s been revealed, by a Reddit Ask Me Anything hosted by Gregg, that he may place himself into a different position during one of the episodes of season five: The Director’s chair.

However, after the end of this last season we’ve been left with a handful of images and scenes to remember including Coulson waking up in outer space.

Could we be seeing Abigail Brand and the organization of S.W.O.R.D?

Well, we’ll find out when Agents of SHIELD comes back in it’s new Thursday timeslot during the television season in January!

Source: Reddit AMA

Featured Image Art By NinjaInk on DeviantArt


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