‘Resident Evil’ Is Getting A Reboot

Resident Evil, a film franchise starring Milla Jovovich and a loose adaptation of the video game series under the same name.

The silver screen is about to receive a sextet of new films based around the blood-drenched, zombie infested ‘Resident Evil’ franchise.

Constantin Films, a German-based film production company, are the one’s heading up this particular reboot idea. All details based around starting roles, character names, and a potential director all being kept as a secret from the general audience.

The original critically-panned, but heavily watched series was comprised of six films which all utilized Milla Jovovich as their main star. Their last film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was originally intended to be the ultimate end of the franchise.

Now, without the assistance from Screen Gems, Constantin Films will hopefully deliver a more accurate depiction of the original video game series and utilize Jill Valentine to her full potential.

Source: Variety

Featured Image Art by E-Mann on DeviantArt


1 comment on “‘Resident Evil’ Is Getting A Reboot

  1. Nicholas

    I hope they wait at least another two years before releasing the new movies, to give some space


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