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New ‘Aquaman’ Set Photos Here!

New behind the scenes pictures & videos of Aquaman have emerged from the deep blue sea! Production began at Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia not too long ago & the DCEU is wasting no time getting fans excited for the project.

With production starting outdoors, there’s no wonder as to how the pictures got released so soon but you don’t see me complaining. In one of the videos below you’ll see Jason Momoa in an outdoor water tank looking rather awesome. You’ll also notice the photo of Aquaman walking out of the building doesn’t quite look like Momoa; well that’s because it’s young Arthur Curry! Another cool thing to notice is the picture below of Amnesty Fish Bay Co-Op, referring to Aquaman’s home.


With the early reactions of Wonder Woman being generally positive, here’s hoping that the DCEU has finally gotten itself on track for success. Check out more of the Aquaman photos and videos here & sound off on Twitter! Lit or nah?


Aquaman splashes into theaters December 21, 2018!

Source:, Instagram (9 News Gold Coast & DJ Clayton Waller).

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